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Window production

Plastic windows, wooden euro windows, wood-aluminium or just aluminium windows. There are many types, brands and producers on the market and it´s not easy to choose one. We offer you windows with great price-perfomance ratio. We have been on the market for the last 20 years and our windows are used in many flats and family houses in Slovakia and Europe.

We offer you consulting service, visualization and manufacture including service during and after the warranty period.

Výroba okien

We manufacture windows for family houses and flats. Their owners have the same demands: they need custom made windows of high quality, for good price and with reliable service.

We will manufacture and deliver windows for every use:

  • Plastic PVC windows. Cheap, easy to maintain and resistant to mechanical damage. These windows are suitable for administrative buildings, family houses and cottages.
  • Wooden windows. Natural material, beautiful appearance and good vapor transmission properties predetermine them for family houses.
  • Wood-aluminium windows. Aluminium faced windows guarantee long service life. Wood takes care of a beautiful look and good vapor transmission properties.
  • Aluminium windows. They are special for their long service life, these windows are highly resistant to outer pressure and most importantly they are easy to maintain. We recommend them for administrative buildings, big glass door show-windows and salons.

High quality and reliable service are a guarantee for a long-term investment

Our windows serve to generations. All materials, components and technologies are of the best quality. We use well-tried practices during the installation. The result are windows of long service life and low failure rate.

We use well-tried practices during the manufacture and installation

  1. First we consult your ideas, demands and options. We get the accurate parameters based on the project documentation, layout with measures or our own measurement.
  2. Second step is to give you a price offer without engagement.
  3. After your agreement we will discuss the details and sign a work contract. We will also ask you to pay deposit invoice.
  4. We will manufacture and install the windows.
  5. If our product perform to your satisfaction we will sign the handover protocol and will ask you to pay the rest of the invoice.

We have a good reputation also as a sub-provider

As sub-providers we deliver plastic, wooden or aluminium windows for our clients-architects and for project offices. We never increase once given price, we keep the agreed deadlines and always talk to our clients on professional level. We communicate directly with a client. This helps us to ease the whole building or reconstruction process.

Plastové okná výroba

Guarantee and good service

We stand behind the quality of our products. Our 2 years standard warranty can be prolonged, it all depends on our agreement. We provide service during and after the warranty period no matter the price of the order.

Forget about tha brands. Make a fact-based decision

Benefit from our experience and protect your investment. We have been producing high-quality windows for more than 20 years. It will be an honor for us to make windows for your house or flat.

We gladly give you a price offer without engagement.

Do you plan to build or renovate ?