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Interior doors

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Interior doors

We have our own manufacture, experience, individual design and non-standard solutions. This is what differentiate us in the delivery of interior doors from other competitive companies. Our clients are investors and owners of new-build houses. Both groups have one in common: they need quality for affordable price.

We manufacture and deliver custom made doors to the new houses or during the time of reconstruction

Interiérové dvere výroba

We have been delivering interior doors for 20 years. We manufacture our doors and provide our clients with consulting service and installation.

Our doors will last for generations

Quality is our best feature, from making a project to the installation. That is the reason why our clients don´t deal with warranty claim. You have our word that our manufacture and installation is of the best quality.

Who made this door for you?

This is what our clients ask us frequently. You, as a customer,  can have the most original idea and we will use it for the interior doors design. Your interior will stay unforgettable for every visit. We will emphasize its uniqueness.

We will design, manufacture, deliver and install different types of doors: veneer, laminated, foil or wooden doors, but also glass doors or atypical doors. We are the makers, we know no borders.

You can have our interior custom made doors in a short time

  1. First step is to consult your ideas. We determine the parameters of interior doors, material, model, dimensions and swing direction.
  2. Second step is to give you a price offer without engagement.
  3. We will answer all your questions, work on details and sign work contract. We will also ask you to pay deposit invoice.
  4. We will manufacture, deliver and install your new interior door.
  5. You will confirm your satisfaction by signing the handover protocol and we will ask you to pay the rest of the invoice.

Low-cost solutions for efficient production

Good price for great quality, this is what our clients said about our products. Extra benefit for you is a custom made design, complex delivery and consulting service. We take care of all steps, let us guide you through the process with ease, from start to finish and service.

Contact us today. Together we will choose the best alternative how to increase the quality of your living. We guarantee that we will build your home to your satisfaction.